Basics Design: Print and Finish

Basics Design: Print and Finish

by Gavin Ambrose

Gavin Ambrose is an author, educator and practicing graphic designer whose client base includes the art sector, galleries, publishers and advertising agencies. He has written and designed numerous books on graphic design, branding and packaging. He currently teaches the Graphic Design BA at the University of Brighton. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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and Paul Harris

Paul Harris is a freelance writer and editor whose work appears extensively in magazines and journals in the US and UK. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Fairchild Books, 2014
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  • ISBN:
    978-1-3500-3963-6 (online)

    978-2-9404-9653-2 (paperback)

    978-2-9404-9648-8 (hardback)

    978-2-9404-9674-7 (epdf)

    978-1-3500-3397-9 (epub)
  • Edition:
    Second Edition
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Basics Design: Print and Finish
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The Basics Design series is designed to provide graphic arts students with a theoretical and practical exploration of fundamental topics, including layout, format, typography, colour and image. Packed with examples from students and professionals and fully illustrated with clear diagrams and inspiring imagery, they offer an essential exploration of the subject.

The second edition of the sixth book in the series, Print and Finish is a guide to the printing and finishing techniques employed by graphic design studios all over the world. A thorough understanding of these techniques will equip the designer with the ability to harness the creative potential of these processes and add creative elements to a design in order to increase its impact and functionality.

Showcasing seven different paper and ink stocks and finishes, the book is an invaluable reference tool. With new contributions and activities, the second edition builds on the success of the first, and is an absolute must-have for all design students.