Basics Film-Making 03: Directing Fiction

Basics Film-Making 03: Directing Fiction

by Robert Edgar Hunt

Robert Edgar is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts at York St John University, UK, where he teaches creative writing and film and television. Publications include Screenwriting (2009) and Directing Fiction (2010) and most recently the second edition of The Language of Film(Bloomsbury, 2015). Research projects include work on Hitchcock and Herrmann, contemporary television and Top Gear. Robert was a co-editor of The Music Documentary: Acid Rock to Electropop (2013). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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AVA Publishing SA, 2010
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Basics Film-Making 03: Directing Fiction
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Basics Film-Making: Directing Fiction introduces the essential aspects of the directorial process, focusing on the requirements of short films while also drawing on classic examples from the world of feature films. It looks at the tricky balancing act of art and business, offering guidelines and basic principles rather than instructions.

Divided into the three key stages of the film-making process - pre-production, production and postproduction, the book provides students with a framework to begin directing their own productions. The chapters are interspersed with case studies investigating the working practices of leading professionals such as Robert Rodriguez, and Mike Leigh.