AVA Publishing SA, 2006
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    978-1-3500-9642-4 (online)

    978-2-8847-9098-7 (paperback)
  • Edition:
    First edition
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Photography FAQs: Exposure covers every aspect of exposure in photography, from explaining the basics of aperture and shutter speed to resolving difficult lighting conditions, environments and weather, and breaking the rules to create special effects.

It offers detailed responses to key, reader-defined questions drawn from photographic workshops, consumer press and Internet forums. As such, it is an invaluable and handy reference.

The Photography FAQs series is a comprehensive, pocket-size reference for the amateur photographer in the field (or the studio). Each title is formulated as an encyclopaedia of 50 questions and answers covering every aspect of the key photography subjects that come up again and again, including genres such as landscape, portraiture and travel and shooting in monochrome. Each topic is supported by lively, accessible text, inspirational images and clear, easy-to-navigate design that makes this series a quick-and easy reference.