Perspectives on Place

Perspectives on Place: Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography

by J.A.P. Alexander

Jesse Alexander is a freelance photographer, writer and educator. He has contributed articles and criticism for numerous print and online photographic publications and has taught photography and visual culture in colleges and universities in the UK. Jesse completed an MFA in Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport and continues to pursue documentary projects that explore our socio-political relationship to the landscape and our environment. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Fairchild Books, 2015
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    978-1-4742-2237-2 (online)

    978-1-4725-3389-0 (paperback)

    978-1-4742-3920-2 (epub)

    978-1-4725-6755-0 (epdf)
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    First Edition
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Perspectives on Place
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Perspectives on Place navigates the rich and diverse history of landscape photography and looks critically at how contemporary photographers continue to find new and innovative ways of engaging with the landscape and their surroundings.

Perspectives on Place explores how particular visual approaches have been adopted by photographers and artists to facilitate the communication of ideas and themes, as well as more abstract concepts. Practical issues, such as effective composition and managing challenging lighting conditions are also discussed.

Featuring examples from Fay Godwin, Paul Fusco, Keith Arnatt, Mark Power, Michael Wolf and many more, this book will help you to improve the visual qualities of your landscape images as well as develop your understanding of how to represent the landscape more meaningfully.

Five practical exercises are included in the book, with accompanying discussion questions that relate to the tasks.