The Production Manual

The Production Manual

by Gavin Ambrose

Gavin Ambrose is an author, educator and practicing graphic designer whose client base includes the art sector, galleries, publishers and advertising agencies. He has written and designed numerous books on graphic design, branding and packaging. He currently teaches the Graphic Design BA at the University of Brighton. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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and Paul Harris

Paul Harris is a freelance writer and editor whose work appears extensively in magazines and journals in the US and UK. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Fairchild Books, 2016
  • DOI:
  • ISBN:
    978-1-4725-9131-9 (paperback)

    978-1-4725-9132-6 (epdf)

    978-1-4742-2358-4 (online)
  • Edition:
    Second edition
  • Place of Publication:
  • Published Online:
The Production Manual
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From the basics such as working with typography through using images and working with color, exploring different pre-press techniques and the processes involved in bringing a product to press and with a resulting pleasing end product, the authors present everything that the reader needs to know in a straightforward and visually strong way. This new edition completely updates the information on the production process, highlighting new techniques and expanding its coverage on digital technologies. In addition, new interviews will be included from design studios using creative or unique production techniques. Since students may eventually be working with international clients, the authors will include both metric and imperial measurements so that students will become familiar with the differences. Expanded coverage of environmental and sustainability issues, especially as they relate to paper choice and use of special processes/inks has also been added.