Basics Creative Photography 01: Design Principles

Basics Creative Photography 01: Design Principles

by Jeremy Webb

Jeremy Webb is a photographer and tutor with over 25 years' experience. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe, shooting stock for agencies; joined a team of cruise ship photographers based in Florida; and was an expedition photographer with an environmental charity based in Tanzania. More recently, his work with 'light painting' has received much attention, and has been featured in the British Journal of Photography, as well as numerous published portfolios and websites. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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AVA Publishing SA, 2010
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    978-2-9404-7605-3 (online)

    978-2-9404-1136-8 (paperback)

    978-2-9404-3971-3 (epdf)

    978-1-3500-3444-0 (epub)
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    First Edition
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Basics Creative Photography 01: Design Principles
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Basics Creative Photography 01: Design Principles introduces photographers to a more considered approach that can add dynamism and impact to imagery, whatever the style or genre – something that today's editors, curators and publishers are all crying out for.

In an age over-saturated with photographic imagery, this book demonstrates how design awareness can add a new level of depth to your images.

Featured topics: basic design theory; the use of space; positional decisions; the elements of design; line; shape or form; space; texture; light; colour; pattern; rhythm; contrast; scale and proportion; abstraction; movement and flow; containment; emphasis and emotion; juxtaposition; incongruity; mood and emotion

Featured artists: Aleksandr Rodchenko; Angus Fraser; Angus McBean; Ansen Seale; Constantine Manos; Ernst Haas; Henri Cartier-Bresson; Libby Double-King; Martine Franck; Naoya Hatakeyama; Olivia Parker; Pascal Renoux; Steve Hart