Help: Content

What content is available in Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts?

Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts brings together a collection of over 170 titles offering the best and most inspiring content across multiple fields of practice. Rich with beautiful artwork, practitioner interviews, case studies and activities, the books have been especially designed with the needs of visual learners in mind and provide inspiring design and visuals, practical pedagogy and insider expertise to support a variety of learning pathways and outcomes, as well as portfolio and creative career development..

Is the content included in Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts available online anywhere else?

The majority of content included is exclusive to Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts. The Fashion and Textiles books are also available through the Fairchild Books Library and Book Store on Bloomsbury Fashion Central.

Does the resource cover history and theory as well as practice?

Yes. Though the focus is on applied disciplines, many of the books offer coverage of the historical and theoretical underpinnings of the fields of practice.

What is the coverage of Applied Visual Arts?

Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts covers a full range of disciplines – design thinking and management, graphic design, illustration and typography, product and interactive design; fashion and textile design, merchandising and construction; filmmaking, animation and game design; marketing, branding and advertising; architecture, landscape architecture and interior architecture and design; and photography.

Will the resource be updated?

Yes, updated editions will be made available annually. Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts is sold on a perpetual access basis, in which case each year’s update can be purchased separately by your institution.

Who is the resource for?

Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts provides a comprehensive resource for students on practice-led visual arts courses in a variety of institutional settings and offering the best and most inspiring content across multiple fields of practice.